Travel & Hospitality

The Travel & Hospitality industry is seeing a wave of unprecedented change owing to the demands of travelers for personalized digital & mobile experiences, competitive pricing across the value chain and quick responses for their preferences or concerns.

We help travel & hospitality related businesses strengthen their customer brand and loyalty by providing an integrated, seamless and customized experience with our blend of domain expertise and digital technologies know-how. We cater our services to a wide spectrum of travel & hospitality segments such as hotels, resorts, travel agencies, restaurants and more.

We harness the power of AI, data analytics, cloud and robotics to create customer-centric operations that are aligned with customer demands, industry trends and disruptions while driving operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Our Capabilities

Digital services

Our Digital services ensure a better travel & hospitality engagement to customers while addressing the business challenges in the travel ecosystem.

  • Modernize the IT infrastructure, reservation systems, customer service, and back office processes.
  • AI-powered systems minimize passenger waiting time, predict traveler requirements, track baggage & luggage carts and respond to questions and provide valuable information to customers.
  • Personalized travel experiences with ML and behavioral analytics
  • AI chatbots and assistants to help travelers book, research, and problem-solve
  • Leverage robotic automation for accounting, contract management, and back office functions
  • Virtual Reality provides a preview of travel experience to enhance the customer confidence
  • Travel APIs enable our clients to build unique travel solutions that integrate with Global Distribution System (GDS) and Online Travel Agencies (OTA)
  • Migration of applications to the cloud helps manage data from multiple platforms thereby improving omnichannel management.


With our big data and analytics services, we help travel & hospitality enterprises to build long-term customer relationships by personalizing the guest experiences

  • Analyze customers’ online data to make better decisions on service offerings
  • Travel insights boost sales, manage rates, and make personalized conversations with customers
  • Insights about the most travelled places and utilized services by the customers for intelligent decision making to improve business outcomes
  • Data-powered recommendation engines study the patterns of customer’s behavior and offer car rental deals, alternative travel dates or routes, new travel destinations based on the preferences


We partner with travel and hospitality enterprises to build engaging and customized mobile apps to access systems on the go, catering to exceptional guest service, hotel bookings, restaurant management, enhanced customer loyalty and more.

  • Manage front desk assistance, issue-resolution with customer support, and other facets of services management with AI and chatbots
  • Integration with cab booking applications to ease the travel experience
  • custom-made apps for your travel routes, time, budget and means of transport that recommend better trips using your travel history, preferences, and feedback
  • Enable real-time tracking with GPS devices
  • Enhance the user experience by offering localized suggestions and deals/offers to travelers, based on their location and preferences
  • Intelligent booking systems for setting up reminders, price comparison, save future bookings and categorization in one platform