With the rise of online communication through text messages has led to the loss of important elements of human communication that involves nonverbal communication, which gave birth to the method of communication through emoticons.

Synfosys comes up with a spectacular set of emoticons that fills the miss of nonverbal communication through winkaway. Winkaway improves your ability to relate, engage, and establish meaningful interactions in your everyday life through your choice of messaging applications by WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Gmail, MMS and many more.

Winkaway empowers you to develop a stronger relationship with your loved ones and friends with a provision to personalize your text on images that express your real inner feeling, tagging them on your Facebook or tweeting them on your twitter.

Sweep your loved one(s) off their feet or connect with your friends with ‘winks’ which are rich in expression and personalized text through Winkaway

  • Notable everyday wishes with personalized text
  • Stunning greetings with customized messages on top of the images
  • Share a cup of coffee in a unique way
  • Impassioned way of expressing hug, kiss, sorry, aggghhh, love you, good morning, good night and many more...

Benefits / Features:

Quick Winks - No more fumbling of words with the pretext messages to send a quick Hi, LOL, Yay, Ooh La La, Luv U

Custom Winks - Dynamically personalize your text on a variety of vibrant custom images that express nuances of body language, voice modulation and intonation to convey our emotions

Photo Winks - Send through your own winks by adding personal text to your images and camera shots