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The business requirements of different industries are unique. Yet, every industry is witnessing an unprecedented transformation due to the growing demands for Digital Transformation.

Synfosys helps different verticals to innovate their business models to generate new revenue streams and strengthen their competitive advantage with its blend of domain expertise and digital technologies know-how. We merge our digital approach with our reliable services to deliver technology solutions that custom-fit the needs of different industries.


Synfosys accelerates the digitalization with an ever-wider share of the insurance value chain and achieves full benefits with real-time data access. We help insurers substantially overhaul their core systems by modernizing legacy systems, recommending standard products, or build a proprietary platform

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  • Gain more customers with better customer experience, faster and automated claim processing
  • Reduced overhead costs, improved transparency, and more efficiency with digitally enabled P2P insurance models
  • Better visibility and insights into markets

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We redefine your healthcare operating models and consumer engagement processes to fulfill the market demands for effective patient care and emphasis on digital transformation. Our innovative solutions & services help you meet competitive, regulatory, financial and customer service requirements.

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  • Enhanced medical care with improved efficiencies and reduced costs
  • Digital innovation to improve agility and time-to-market
  • Enhance patient engagement and strengthen clinical outcomes by modernizing legacy health systems

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Synfosys drives smart manufacturing with cutting edge technologies, including - high-performance computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things, sensor technologies, industrial robotics, data analytics, machine learning, and enabling machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

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  • Higher standard of safety and quality control
  • Effective and productive manufacturing supply chain with continuous feedback
  • Enable access to real time data
  • Boosts productivity and hit more aggressive deadlines

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In this digital era, customer satisfaction is all about creating and fulfilling new and personalized experiences. Synfosys helps retail & e-commerce firms embrace their digital transformation journey to render seamless and hyper connected shopping experiences for customers.

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  • Align with ever-evolving, tech-savvy and cross-channeled consumers
  • Efficient customer engagement with personalized and contextualized interactions
  • Marketing automation for enhanced sales and QoS
  • Advanced analytics to predict end user behavior

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Synfosys ascends telecom industries by allowing it to tap into the market with data insights, embracing the digital transformation from phone calls through email, instant messages, VOIP, video chat, and virtual reality, and managing the networks, providing application services and business system services.

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  • Maintain profit margins and retain market share
  • Improved product offerings, enhanced customer experience, and developed new competitive business models
  • Minimized revenue lost to service disruption

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Travel & Hospitality

We accelerate the digital transformation for travel enterprises with our innovative solutions that improve customer retention rates and drive business revenues. We assist in creating future-ready travel and hospitality experiences by implementing digital platforms across channels

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  • Omnichannel booking experiences for customers
  • Migration of legacy systems to break silos, reduce costs, improve performance and boost resilience
  • Integration of customer data from multiple sources to gain actionable insights

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