ThynkLoud is an amazing cross platform mobile app to express your feelings, thoughts or emotions, not to others, but to yourself the inner self. Your feelings may or may not depend on external conditions, and sometimes, you cannot share them with others. You may be in grief, you may be angered, you may be guilty or in love, but if you keep them to yourself without expressing, soon they become so heavy and would not let you move forward in life and can debilitate you.

ThynkLoud application is like a self-diary, a place for you to express how you really feel. It enables self- healing by allowing you to express any kind of feeling instantly to yourself and ease your mental state.


  • The application can be downloaded from play store (Android) or app store (iOS) and can be used easily
  • Users can open the application and put down all their feelings in text format
  • You can even attach files and images
  • Based on the feeling or emotion, the application allows the user to clear the text with options like burn, tear, crumple and toss
  • Burn option gives the feeling of burning your private notes, Tear option gives you relief from an unconscious self, Crumple gives the feel of healing and with Toss, you can send a note to a virtual target to purge your emotions
  • The application is compatible for both Android and IOS