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Security Services

Rethink your approach to enterprise risk and build an integrated security strategy that will protect your organization now and well into the future. We help protect businesses in a Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity (VUCA) world.

Our end-to-end Cyber security service mitigates risks with advanced threat detection techniques powered by AI/ML, ensuring a secure, resilient and dynamic infrastructure. We become a strategic partner in your cyber-transformation journey to address the burgeoning challenge of cyber defense for on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

Applied Cybersecurity

Synfosys bridges the gap between the evolving cloud infrastructure and the lagging traditional security controls with its domain expertise and proven solutions. We enhance the security posture of your cloud environments by safeguarding your data, workloads and applications in the cloud while meeting compliance objectives.

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  • Advanced threat intelligence to combat the evolving threat landscape
  • 360-degree view of cyber security with leading frameworks and technologies
  • Address the unique requirements of workload protection for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Inside-out protection with holistic approach maximizes ROI
  • Supports shift-left security with DevSecOps

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Data and Cyber Defence

Our Data and Cyber Defence services focus on most critical elements - Visibility, Prioritization and Mitigation of sensitive data, applications and network. Captures all activity by cataloging APIs, eliminating blind spots, assessing risks, and determining sensitive data exposure. Contextualizes and labels the complex captured data into security knowledge for real-time scoring, with actionable insights and also protects the applications against security attacks.

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  • Protects and Builds customer confidence with application security
  • Quantifies and reduces the risk with vulnerability assessment
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with applicable International and Federal regulations
  • Faster recovery in the event of a breach
  • Protect networks and data from unauthorized access

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Managed Security Services

While the threat landscape is changing rapidly, organizations are choosing not to opt for high-cost in-house security expertise. Synfosys becomes your managed security provider to help you protect your critical data, monitor your environment for advanced threats, diminish your attack surface, identify risks, and respond to and recover from incidents.

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  • Application Security Services
  • 24*7 monitoring, management and response to advanced threats and compliance requirements
  • Defense -in-depth strategy to prevent future incidents
  • Best of breed technologies, constantly updated threat intelligence
  • Improves organizational security and maximizes ROI

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