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Our Products

Synfosys has developed a diversified product portfolio with its Innovation capabilities and technical expertise to truly capitalize on growth opportunities. Our products address the needs and preferences of customers and meet the market dynamics.

Our security product portfolio provides inside-out protection across endpoints and on-premise, cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

Productivity tools effectively streamline the process of managing projects and tasks.

Asset management tools offer greater visibility of the asset life cycle and software inventory management.

Cyber Security

Synfosys’ Cyber Security Solutions posture your organization to defend against the sophisticated threat landscape.

Email Security solution offers real-time protection against email threats -phishing, spam, ransomware.

Our comprehensive cloud security is capable of protecting data, applications and workloads across public/private/hybrid cloud infrastructure.

End-Point Security defends your endpoints when they are on/off the network against malicious attacks

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Productivity Tools

Our Productivity tools facilitate the project management teams to organize and manage the project and task workflows efficiently with continuous monitoring, prioritization and tracking of the tasks from onset to completion.

From tracking down deliverables to managing resources and from budget management to collaboration with team members, everything can be accomplished on a single platform.

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Mobile Apps

Our Messaging apps: provide amazing communication experience with interactive chats, voice calls, photo & video sharing, quick texts with pretext messages, custom texts on the top of images and many more attractive features. Our Self-Therapeutic app is unique and innovative that allows you to express feelings.

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Asset Management Tools

Tracking assets is essential for any business’ profitability and growth.

Our Asset Management tool keeps track of the assets from the purchase to its disposal, movement of the assets across the locations, and keeps you informed to make the decisions related to your physical inventory. Enables your business in streamlining your operations by capturing asset’s crucial data and information by reading QR codes and provides accurate real-time data. It helps you track and maximize the return on the assets, which includes IT assets and Non-IT assets.

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