Transform and liven the mundane text messages with custom images, photo texting, and more ...

XWinks is a powerful and advanced Messaging application to make communication experience more realistic and expressive in the digital world. It allows users to dynamically personalize their text on custom images. The application is compatible for both Android and IOS, enabling users to chat, call and share experiences with others in a seamless fashion. It is aimed to eliminate the confusion and misunderstanding created by long or short expressionless conversations by sharing feelings in a more meaningful and intuitive way with icons and animations

Some Features

  • The application allows the users to login simply with a phone number or with a verification through an email.
  • Users can send unlimited free text messages to any XWinks user, avoiding local and international SMS costs
  • Photos and videos can be shared instantly. Wide variety of emoticons and animations are available to express feelings or emotions
  • Users can share his location with Geolocation capability
  • Users get instant alert of new messages with push notification feature
  • No more fumbling for words - Quick winks with pretext messages enable a faster, lighthearted, and easier way to express thoughts and stay connected.
  • Custom winks allow you dynamically personalize text on a variety of vibrant custom images and send as winks
  • Experience a new way of sharing pictures and camera shots with text on them to convey thoughts instantly. There is a provision to increase/decrease and rotate image as well as the text; and choose fun filled text colors
  • There is an innovative option of sending a Gift Box along with a message, where users can add images or text and send. It appears as a notification on the receiver end and when clicked on it, the gift box opens and the message is shown in the default message box
  • Users can see and edit the last expression sent/received. The response will go as text with no expression associated, when the user has not done any changes to the expression and would go as a new expression when the user chooses another one
  • There is also a provision to incorporate sounds with expressions
  • Users can send broadcast messages to groups of contacts by selecting multiple contacts in the app contacts list.
  • Voice calls enable users to talk freely with anyone and share their feelings when texting is not enough