NuFire Laser Control System

Laser Control System, a windows application, with the ability to communicate, control and monitor the multiple Industrial Laser Systems for better engineering operations.

LCS presents an intuitive graphical interface for ease of operation and better representation of laser behavior with custom-built graphical controls that will allow the user to define waveforms in 4 different modes and monitor the laser’s operating parameters.


  • Constant monitoring of the status updates from the laser displayed in the form of gauges provide the real-time (within 0.1 sec) stats of the devices and decreases the down-time of the device
  • The responses from the laser systems are filtered through an application specific filter, analysed and rendered in various forms that include gauges, tables, graphical representation and waveforms for better understanding and alerts the user on reaching a threshold point that is configurable.
  • Customization to meet the changing requirements or near future feature enhancements is made possible by loading customized programs with configurable items and associate these programs with the triggers

LCS can be applied for varied Lasers that include :

  • Components Testing, Laser
  • Demonstration Laser
  • Eye Safe Laser
  • Fine cutting
  • High Power Lasers & Amplifiers
  • Laser sources
  • Micromachining
  • Micro welding