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Application Managed Services

Technology has come a long way and businesses are struggling with their reactive approach to keep up with the pace of innovation and with the demands of a growing business in a digital world. Synfosys, your managed services partner, offers a proactive flexible service model that allows you to determine the level of service you require.

Application Development

We assist in building applications from requirement analysis to rollout across web, mobile, cloud, and IoT platforms, using the latest technologies, powered by AI/ML and proven Agile, DevOps & AIOps practices. Our project delivery & management team assures smoother execution of projects without any interruptions on change management.

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  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Comparative cost advantage
  • High quality delivery
  • Reduced cycle times and project risks & costs
  • Gain competitive advantage

QA & Testing

Synfosys adapts managed QA services that align with your development process and address quality-related challenges. We customize QA to deliver market ready product with our intelligent and automated QA processes, powerful test methodologies & frameworks with rapid turn-around time.

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  • Integration of QAOps framework with CI/CD for continuous testing
  • Ensure higher ROI and quicker time-to-market
  • Significantly mitigation in technical and business risks
  • Reduced overhead/management by the customer
  • Fixed and predictable cost of QA with scalability by demand

Migration & Modernization

We give your business a fresh perspective with migration coupled with modernization by enhancing overall operations - communication & collaboration across departments, better-organized processes and workflows. Our real-time reporting helps you respond to issues faster and meet customer demands efficiently.

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  • Scalability, reliability and most importantly security by cloud migration
  • Unlock competitive advantages by turning data into insights
  • Improve corporate scope and create business opportunities by modernization of apps
  • Allow businesses to respond instantly to changing market dynamics

Application Maintenance

Synfosys provides 24*7 support for your business-critical applications with an SLA driven process that helps you focus on strategic initiatives by minimizing the time spent on routine maintenance activities. Our Streamlined support services identify and resolve issues cropping up within the components of application systems to ensure smoother operations.

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  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maximize Application availability
  • Performance enhancement
  • Lower costs and higher ROI
  • Flexible approach to suit business needs

Customer Support

Meet your elevated customer expectations and strengthen the customer relationship with our 360-degree technical support environment: unified operations, customer training, voice/email support, social channels, and 24X7 global L1, L2 and L3 services for multi-technology and multi-vendor environments.

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  • Improved revenue, growth, and sustainability with flexible engagement models and global delivery
  • Fexible engagement models
  • Stable revenue and accurate predictions with an increase in customer retention
  • SLA based operations and maintenance

Managed IT Services

Keeping business networks up-to-date and to operate seamlessly at all times across all departments, verticals, and hierarchy levels, there is a need for a diligent and professional IT managed services team that works for your enterprise.

Synfosys becomes an IT Managed services partner of your business and takes care of the intricacies and subtle nuances of cyber security, installing/hosting, managing and upgrading the IT framework with economic and strategic sense and also offers prompt and decisive support in emergencies.

Infrastructure Management

We help you manage your infrastructure to adapt to the market's dynamic needs, deliver business value, and prepare for the NEW digital age. Synfosys is the perfect partner to support you with the right kind of infrastructure setup, optimized and scaled to match your operational budget. Whether your infrastructure is completely on-premises or hybrid, we help manage it 24*7, regardless.

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  • High Operational efficiencies
  • Improved customer experience
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Accelerated time-to-market

Cloud Hosting

Synfosys becomes your expert service-led cloud hosting partner, works all the way through your journey into the cloud, and focuses on designing and delivering bespoke hosting services on these cloud platforms that best fit the organizational needs. We help you manage your online presence and simplify the decision-making process, the migration, the management, and maintenance.

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  • Reduces the costs incurred by in-house IT managing staff
  • Shifts cloud computing from a capital expenses (CapEx) model to an operating expenses (OpEx) model
  • Effective management of services with certified engineers well-versed on the latest breakthroughs, trends, and demands

Managed Security Services

In today’s digital world, the threat landscape is changing rapidly, while organizations are falling short of budgets and in-house security expertise.

Synfosys becomes your managed security provider to help you protect against advanced threats and respond to and recover from incidents. Our services are tailored to your business needs and ensure that your environment is secured around the clock.

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  • 24*7 monitoring, management and response to advanced threats and compliance requirements
  • Defense -in-depth strategy to prevent future incidents
  • Best of breed technologies, constantly updated threat intelligence