Concrete data to visualize, what is being done, what has been done and how things can be done better.

Jiffy, a web based task management tool used by an individual, team, or organization to stay organized and manage projects more efficiently by organizing, prioritizing, visualizing the tasks status through analysis as they pass through stages of completion and compiling reports to direct future tasks and workflows. It allows Project Managers to organize the work with ease by managing the resources efficiently, which is crucial.

Well-suited and amiable for handling the tasks of independent nature for administrative, HR departments and also flexible enough to be used for any other department. Jiffy in your project management process improves productivity, collaboration, communication and efficiency in management of teams and tasks.

Some Features

  • Aids Project Managers in managing the tasks and resources effectively and efficiently, and track performance management.
  • A comprehensive project management application to an organization to track every event, by making the process transparent and simpler.  
  • It enables teams to collaborate and get things done successfully at one place. Technical work and communication go hand-in-hand. Every bit of communication and decisions taken is demonstrated that helps in effective tasking.
  • The feature 'Emailing and discussion between the resources' is integrated with task assignments, which helps in keeping an eye on the decisions taken while tasking
  • Tracking of projects' status and management of the issues is possible at a single dashboard feature
  • Every phase is logged in the history for review