An intuitive and self-explanatory project management tool that helps in managing and tracking projects and resources with metrics as a key factor.

Insight is a perfect management tool best fit for agile methodology, that helps managers plan, execute, and control all aspects of the project management process and ensure on-time project completion, balance staff workload for optimal time management, thus enhancing resource efficiency and ensuring project scope

Keeping in view of disparate organizational sizes and parameters, Insight is built simple, flexible to fit any organizational requirement, and easy to use, accessible from anywhere on any device.


  • Create, organize and assign the tasks, evaluate the resources and their activities, track the tasks and project for the closure, and provide the metrics of the project parameters
  • Assists in increasing business efficiencies, operations, individual and group accountability by maintaining and tracking at micro-level activities; having various levels in administration for effective access control over the system.
  • Gives an overall state of the system at a glance with analytics of project and resources to enable proactive Project management
  • Besides its simple intuitive interface, it has features like drag-and-drop for creating or assigning tasks/backlogs, and better collaboration by sharing the information with peers and to reporting managers
  • Efficient project tracking is made possible for all methodologies from traditional waterfall to dynamic iterative model and supports flexibility in defining iterations/phases and also facilitate the comparison among the products/projects

Insight as a product gives a comprehensive approach to deal with the management of projects and resources in an organization in its own style.