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In a world where technical progress and consumer expectations are changing rapidly, Synfosys helps enterprises in bringing concepts to life with innovations built to provide hyper-personalized experiences, while augmenting productivity, growth and profitability.

We provide the right set of expertise, tools and methodologies to build visionary and innovative solutions that create continuous business momentum.


Our solutions/services in the Healthcare space drive innovation, enhance consumer experience, improve patient outcomes and achieve higher operational efficiency. We facilitate the improvement of clinical outcomes with smoother patient discharge processes and remote consultations. Our automated systems streamline operations and build efficient workflows to manage and track the clinical trials and tissue banks, ensuring affordability, appropriateness, and positive outcomes.

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Synfosys provides cloud-based services, a necessity now for business continuity that provides a complete, agile, secure and integrated solutions for your business.

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Access to high-powered software at an affordable cost with pay-as-you-use model and with smaller learning curve Flexibility to scale up and down based on specific needs.



Synfosys accelerates the transition to digital manufacturing. Our innovative solution is capable of controlling and monitoring multiple Industrial Laser Systems to streamline processes and gain operational visibility for better engineering operations. We collaborated with leading automotive brands and OEMs to build efficient, safe, and adaptive software solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles.

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  • Digitization of supply chain
  • Connected cars/ Smart bikes
  • Telematics
  • Autonomous & Intelligent assisting
  • Laser Systems for efficient engineering operations

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Synfosys empowers Banking & Insurance clients through data driven transformation, regulatory compliance, digital enablement and efficient payment & credit models.

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Financial Accounting System :

  • Banking Payroll deduction and list billing elctronic fund transfer
  • Generation of Financial reports
  • Calculation of pay commissions

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Enterprise Mobility

Our Mobility solutions/services facilitate enterprises to tap into the paradigm shift of mobile-first. We build engaging feature-rich and secure mobile applications for diverse platforms.

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