GapIT is a customized version of EzDischarge that has been developed for a Hospitalist group located in Michigan. It is a cloud-based application that eases the patient discharge process. It is aimed to reduce hospital expenses for patients and insurance providers, while focusing on patient information, safety and preventive health care services.


  • Helps in prescribing correct medications to the patients and checks for any and all contraindication
  • ICD-10 codes for the diagnosis are recorded – making it simple for hospital billing, insurance companies and hospital records and medical history of patient
  • Patient discharge information can easily be sent to Medical Record Department (MRD) and referring physicians
  • The system prompts for disease-specific deliverables (i.e., haemoglobin A1C targets in diabetics, vaccine administration) wherever required
  • Patient information is maintained online, eliminating the need of physical records and registers
  • Significantly reduces the insurance disputes regarding discharge and reimbursement denials
  • Assists in providing disease and health awareness information for patients