A physician-centric solution, compliant with HIPAA, overcoming the challenges in the patient discharge process.

EzDischarge is a web-based application that eases the patient discharge process, eliminating the huge consumption of labour & cost. The physician can log in to the system from any location, and manage his/her patient's discharge, prescribe drugs & dosage.

The system enables timely discharge of patients, special care/discharge instructions, further consultations, and report generation that can be sent to the required medical and insurance Companies.  It also helps the physician in identifying the true disease nomenclature for drug prescription.

Some Features

  • Assists in overcoming the challenges like identification of disease-specific deliverables and preventive care needs
  • Ensures consistent approach to drug prescription with healthcare plan formularies 
  • Involves checking drug allergies, and drug-to-drug interaction before prescriptions are generated
  • Helps physicians ascertain formulary-driven drug interchanges
  • Effective management of patient information in more secure way, while increasing the hospital throughput
  • Timely discharge of patients, providing them disease and health awareness information
  • Significantly reduces the insurance disputes regarding discharge and reimbursement denials