Comprehensive Cloud Security

Synfosys provides a comprehensive cloud security solution with multi-faceted approach by multi-layered security technology backed by 24/7 support. Keeps your business safe from known and unknown attacks in private / public / hybrid cloud and for managed and unmanaged devices coping up with new threats as they emerge.

Our cloud access security brokers (CASBs), enforce security, compliance, and governance policies for cloud applications, thus extending the security controls of on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Provides visibility of cloud services and identifies shadow or potential misuse of cloud services preventing sensitive data from being uploaded, encrypts and tokenizes the data.

Continuous visibility of workloads deployed across various cloud platforms and real-time visibility of the infrastructure and workload security posture can be achieved with our Cloud Workload Protection. It blocks advanced exploits and threats with anti-malware scanning using AI/ML, application control and OS hardening. Further unauthorized changes are prevented with real-time monitoring of user suspicious behavior and file integrity checks.

With rapid transition of the web based applications to the cloud, customers are demanding more agility in protecting against attacks at the application layer. Our Cloud-based web application firewalls mitigates malicious traffic by inspecting the incoming traffic for potential threats that goes beyond matching signatures, and analyzes the application behavior to detect the deviations.

Web application firewalls are further designed to watch and respond to HTTP/S traffic and also addresses automatic content compression, hardware-based SSL acceleration, load balancing of web requests and compliance against regulatory standards.