Cloud-based Directory-as-a-Service

The Colorado based Cloud Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides a unified point of user management and authentication without a need for on-prem servers or infrastructure. It helps securely connect users to their workstations, servers, networks, apps, and files and serve as your authoritative directory or defer to existing identity providers depending on your needs.

With the growing number of users and their demands, the DaaS provider has to face a challenge to provide value addition to their users in their day to day work, and meet their expectations for better performance and more added functionalities.

Synfosys has become a trusted partner both for better maintenance and also as a Support Centre for a smoother operation of customer support

Maintenance and Support

As a core functionality of the service, IT administrators must manage an increased volume of remote workstations and laptops. To replace AD, cloud-based DaaS consolidated a single system management platform that can run the administrative scripts on remote machines, regardless of the operating system.

Synfosys extended the job for Maintenance and support by providing the scripts/pre-written commands, that form part of the command gallery for the administrators, that help them take bulk actions on remote machines.

  • Pre-written commands are coded in PowerShell, Bash, and Shell, for making the configuration possible across the platforms for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Scripts capable of doing everything from patching the Zoom zero-day vulnerability to installing applications when paired with a package manager, as well as deploying files and handling maintenance activities.
  • Scripts / Commands to facilitate admins to ensure organizational security remain strong that includes GPO-like Policies for strong passwords, enforcing full-disk encryption, lock screens after a certain number of seconds of inactivity and more.

Customer Service

Synfosys is successfully providing technical support and issue resolution to customers & partners of Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider.

  • We provide technical support through telephone, email and chat that include web cases and remote screen sharing modes of assistance by picking the one that customers prefer or using them in tandem to offer better, and more consistent customer service
  • Synfosys is time considerate and provides a sense of comfort for the customers by communicating at an apt timezone
  • With our highly competent tech-enabled and empowered customer support professionals, we are delivering customer support to the customers spread across the globe to help resolve all sorts of issues arising from using LDAP, RADIUS, SSO, SAN/NAS, MDM, commands, policies, and SCIM via phone, chat or email
  • We provide measurable and better customer experience at the highest level by ensuring all interactions and touchpoints with your business is easy, enjoyable, and seamless.
  • We define service standards and KPIs that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. With these standards and KPIs, we provide metrics within SLAs to specifically define the customer expectations in terms of timeliness and accuracy.