Calendar App

Manage your meetings on the go with Calendar Application. sIt enables the smartest, quickest and easiest way to join conference calls from your mobile device with a single touch of screen. Calendar app eliminates the burden of writing down the participant code or searching for the invitation emails. The application syncs with the phone's calendar and auto-detects the call details within the meeting invites and lets you connect to the conference call.

It integrates with the mobile phone's calendar, dialer, email, text messaging, and contacts to provide seamless, one-touch access into any voice or video conference call.

Support for the most popular conference calling systems - GoToMeeting, Google+ Hangouts, WebEx, Apple FaceTime, and Skype


  • Allows dial into conference calls with conference code/participant code from the invitation - allows for selection if more than one conference code is found
  • Provision of widgets on the home screen for fast "My conference call" and "Join current meeting" actions.
  • Alert notifications before the meeting
  • Setting up recurring conference call meetings with just a few clicks