Inventory management of IT assets for IT industries plays a critical role in the success of an organization. Both excess and inadequate IT assets are undesirable scenarios and are troublesome for the business and thus finding balance becomes pivotal in the success of a business.

In order to make better business decisions, businesses need a solution that facilitates, ease to identify and understand their entire IT asset portfolio. It is challenging to track the assets manually that results in waste of effort and time, redundant purchases, increased support costs.

Audito tool provides a great way to be able to have maximum visibility over the Operating Systems, usage of software assets on Windows Operating Systems in your organizational network, and clear picture of the devices in the network.

Audito is not just a mere software inventory management but extended to aid the administrators in ensuring the cybersecurity of the network by continuously monitoring for the new devices getting into the network, identify the unpatched software and allow patching, restrain from installing vulnerable/specific software as categorized by administrator.


  • Discovers network devices and within the organizational network proximity and capable of categorizing to printers, routers etc.,
  • Visibility of the IT assets with agentless architecture, that includes - Operating systems, Service Packs for Windows Systems, Hardware information like processor, memory, motherboard etc., for Windows systems, Virtual machines
  • Performs the Custom/scheduled Audit on the endpoints that provides the list of Installed software and Updates

  • Patch Management feature enables the administrator to select and install the updates on a particular endpoint.
  • Flexibility of defining software required and software not allowed specific to a project, thus aiding in better utilization of the IT assets only to those need
  • License feature enables to link a software license with the endpoint where that software is installed, thereby giving the count of used licenses against the available licenses.