Asset Management System (AMS)

A nightmare to keep track of assets on spreadsheets is made simple with AMS

Asset Management Software, a cloud-based solution that allows you to track the important details of each asset of your organization, and provides you greater visibility of asset utilization, its movement, cost, it’s live-in space.

This decreases the administrative costs and improves the administration service.

Features include

  • Greater visibility of the Asset Life Cycle helps you in, effective plan and budget for maintenance or replacement of the assets.
  • At any given moment, AMS effectively provides you with the information on where a particular asset is in its lifecycle, track the movement of the assets across the branches, its value to the business, visibility of the work orders associated with the assets.
  • Role-based work order management allows authorization, manual and automatic generation of requests for maintenance or services or repairs of the assets.
  • In addition to a request for workorder, employees can raise a request for reservation of the assets and also for check-out and check-in
  • Inventory management, part of the asset management, includes non-assets, spare parts for maintenance, and consumables.
  • Along with the inventory management, supplier information and purchase orders are also maintained.

AMS solution is customizable to fit the organizational needs with the provisions of custom additional fields and multi-level approvals that are configurable.

Integration to HR solutions, boost the workflow optimization and approvals across the departments a seamless

AMS is also available as a web-based centralized system.