Staying ahead of competition with ever-changing customer needs, regulatory mandates, technological and architectural evolutions has become a nightmare for telecom industries. Today, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are required to display resilience and reliability and need to quickly adapt to the sudden shifts in demand, reimagine the strategies to meet the changing customer needs and expectations.

With well over 10 dynamically changing years of experience in the Telecommunication industry, Synfosys offers a holistic set of end-to-end services in the areas of Core Network service, IT Infrastructure management, Optimization or Automation of business processes.

Our expertise in Messaging, VoIP, Roaming, Capacity Signaling, IoT, TV and Mobile Data empower telecom businesses and address the business needs with the smooth integration of the latest platforms and technologies

BSS and OSS services

We offer Operations Support/Business Support Systems, to aid telecommunications service providers in managing networks, service order experience for customers, network configuration, fault management, inventory management, and order management.

We transform our OSS/BSS solution from

  • a supply-propelled to demand-propelled vision
  • operational resource support to automated support 
  • management-as-an-overlay to management-as-service

Application Services

We develop solutions/services for Account management, Sales Operations, Procurement, Billing and Collection to meet the business needs and for seamless customer experience by leveraging latest technologies that include:

  • Omni-channel, self-service and personalized experience
  • Adopting to DevOps + NetOps
  • Build Next Generation Software Defined Operations by Leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and support automation
  • Plug-n-play architectures, microservices and Open Digital Architecture
  • Open Network Architectures, Software Defined Networking / Network Function Virtualization (NFV), IoT, 5G and hybrid networks
  • Apply Cybersecurity and PaaS / IaaS / SaaS based solutions

Big Data and Analytics Solutions

We help streamline the operations, maximize the profits, build effective marketing and business strategies, visualize data, and perform data transfer with our Data driven solutions

  • We apply ML algorithms to customer and operator data that aid in fraud detection and prevention
  • Get valuable insights for better and faster decisions with predictive analytics
  • Enhanced business planning and targeting with customer value segmentation, customer behavior segmentation, customer lifecycle segmentation, and customer migration segmentation.
  • Network management and optimization to define the score points and thus guarantee the smooth functioning of the operations
  • Customer sentiment analysis to assess the customer's positive or negative reaction to the service or product.
  • Real-time analytics that combines the customer profiles, network, location, traffic to create a 360-degree user-centric view of the product or service.

Telecom Network Services

Synfosys aid the businesses to lead a new business model and lowers cost of operation with

  • Integrated Management Systems (IMS) for telcos, mobile operators, service providers, and vendors
  • Improved Radio Active Optimization by analysis of existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Development of new KPIs for management, and defining the terms of any combination of coverage, capacity and service quality,
  • Design, Implementation and Management of telecom network services like roaming, voice etc.,

Managed Services

We further offer managed services for

  • As part of Infrastructure operations, we help integrate and manage networks with IT resources
  • Our team of expert professionals provides a pragmatic and reliable roadmap to evolve mission-critical BSS, OSS and network solutions to the cloud and thus providing increased agility, scalability and modularity to support service providers’ unique needs.
  • Cyber Security services to counter the inherent security risks of cloud environments, SDN and NFV in networks
  • Monitoring and Backup operations for smooth and continual business operations

Intelligent Network

Accelerate your transformation to a digital platform organization with a customer-centric approach, and agile and data-driven culture.

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to capture the promise of the Pervasive Network, they need to reinvent themselves and become a key part of customers' daily lives. One requirement will be the transformation of Network Operations, including provisioning (order to activate), maintenance (ticket to repair) and service experience management processes, which face renewed customer expectations.

Transformation touchstones

Intelligent Network Operations enable CSPs to transform their current operating model into a digital platform organization that delivers better value to customers.

  • Customer-centric approach: Scale, de-risk and orchestrate the execution of large network programs across delivery ecosystems.
  • Agile and data-driven culture: Leverage automation (including robotics process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI)), digital tools (including virtual reality) and analytics.
  • Eco-system value: Utilize new sourcing models such as crowdsourcing and liquid workforce.


Accelerate your transformation to a digital platform organization with a customer-centric

Connected Home

5G is opening the door to all possibilities of technology-enabled home services. CSPs can bring these together – including traditional digital, as well as newer smart home, services – via one platform with fully integrated, highly personalized services. Dynamic Network Services can outline a connected home network and product strategy to realize 'continuity of experience' for the consumer inside and outside the home.

Consumer IoT

The Pervasive Network is positioned to serve as an intelligent hub connecting the Internet of Things – including wearables, self-driving and connected vehicles, connected TV and more – in a two-sided, platform-interconnected business model. 5G networks will enable the connectivity of billions of IoT devices. Laptops, phones, fitness wristbands, televisions, security sensors, appliances and utilities will converge into an easy-to-control, totally interconnected environment – where CSPs will play a central role.


Virtual Network Services

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has the capability to fulfill three core network functions important to enterprise customers – routing, branch network security and virtual private networking (VPN), including virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE).

Cloud Services

CSPs can play a central role in offering cloudified new services, potentially including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.

Enterprise Mobility and Security

CSPs have significant opportunities in enterprise digital services related to

Intelligent Enterprise

CSPs can help enterprises take advantage of the Pervasive Network’s capability to serve as the intelligent hub connecting IoT with other aspects of the business.