Retail industry is witnessing unprecedented transformation owing to digital technologies, customer expectations, and buying habits.

Synfosys enables Retail & Ecommerce enterprises to deliver engaging, seamless, and secured shopping experience to customers across every retail touchpoint with its business outcome-oriented approach.

We improve retail & e-commerce business operations by leveraging cloud, mobility, AI, data analytics, and domain expertise to drive profitability and competitive advantage. Our Consulting expertise gives the right strategy for omnichannel adoption considering customers, competitors, and digital enablement.

Marketing Automation

We help streamline business operations with the adoption of marketing automation to drive sales and quality of the service.

  • Assure customer acquisition, retention, promotion planning, effective retail operations, and better merchandising with advanced analytics and AI
  • Chatbots for streamlined retail experience
  • Comprehensive analytics on data sourced from social media, mobile, and other channels to better understand customers

IoT for retail operations

Our IoT expertise delivers holistic shopping experience with personalized and contextualized interactions leading to high levels of customer engagement.

  • Gives visibility into the customers’ shopping behaviors
  • Personalized Interactions and Better Customer Service
  • Inventory visibility, accuracy & availability for omnichannel demand, thereby preventing shortage or over-stocking of products


With our data analytics, we provide actionable insights on customers, sales, and marketing services for effective decision making to boost business efficiency.

  • Engage customers across the value chain – from awareness to post-sales
  • Personalized customer experiences and improved inventory management
  • Identification of fraud-related activities and threats across online payment systems

Mobility in Retail & Ecommerce

Mobility solutions improve customer engagement and efficient store management reduce your operational cost and improve your profit margins significantly.

  • Mobile applications incorporated with Virtual Reality help customers transform their imagination into reality.
  • Voice search to provide the convenience of searching and choosing the products
  • Personalized messages to the customers based on the location using Geofencing

Development of E-commerce Platforms

We enable brands/retailers to sell online, with e-commerce platforms by providing customer insights, merchandising strategy, technology, supply chain, and digital marketing strategy.

  • Appealing and Intuitive UI/UX designs for personalized & delightful customer experiences
  • Integration of multiple payment gateways for simple and secure online transactions
  • Build high performance and feature-rich shopping carts with the latest platforms, aligned with business needs
  • Incorporation of SEO strategy to drive ROI and customer reach
  • Personalized product recommendations with AI and data analytics, to increase conversion rates
  • Insights and reports on visitor tracking, navigation analysis, traffic segmentation with data analytics
  • Ensure robust security and compliance with GDPR, PCI & eprivacy by incorporating SSL certificates/protocols, periodic scans for malware & vulnerabilities