IoT Services/Solutions

Connecting everything and everyone

Synfosys gives you a competitive advantage in IoT space through new business models, seamless customer experiences, and unlocking new revenue streams. We leverage AI and Automation capabilities to enhance IoT adoption of businesses, connecting digital and physical worlds with smarter intelligence.

  • Analyze and Act on new data
  • Integrate and transform business processes
  • Improve decision making with augmented intelligence
  • Design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end to end IoT processes
  • Seamlessly integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture

IoT Consulting/Validate strategy

  • Requirement elicitation and analysis
  • Asses organizational IoT readiness and ROI mapping
  • Business process modelling with technology and process consulting
  • Defining the problem statement derive at solution roadmap
  • Determining the appropriate Technology Stack and Data Models
  • Thought leadership and repository of business-ready use cases
  • Product and service enhancements

IoT – Build - Development

Our innovative IoT solutions are capable of creating connected products as well as converting standalone products/applications into smart technologies. Our IoT apps are scalable, easily customizable, and reliable for external integrations.

  • We design and develop intuitive web and mobile applications to harness the usage of IoT systems
  • Enable devices to sense, learn, and communicate over secured channels
  • Our apps facilitate seamless connectivity with hardware technologies, giving superior performance
  • Ensure the applications are tailored to business needs, while providing ease of use & navigation and smooth issueless experience
  • Integrate various building blocks, such as analytics, big data platforms sensing devices that provide accurate real-time business insights
  • Employ cutting-edge technologies and techniques, incorporated with AI/ML, analytics to deliver feature-rich intelligent applications

IoT Upgrades, Migration and Integration

Our IoT engineers offer seamless integration of IoT systems through APIs and industry standard protocols from middleware platform integration to M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications.

  • We build APIs using various protocols to enable fast and lightweight communication between the IoT devices
  • Enhance their existing systems and resources with upgrades of applications, versions, and technologies.
  • From sensor integration to BI Integration, M2M communications, we enable enterprises with comprehensive solutions
  • Analysis of real-time data collected from connected devices with applied analytics and machine learning, thereby generating actionable insights for optimization of operational efficiency
  • Helping businesses grow undisruptive

IoT Testing and Security

We offer end-to-end testing services to ensure security and quality are intact for IoT systems. Our customer-centric testing approach accelerates ROI while addressing the goals and challenges of IoT products

  • Our Test strategy provides validation and verification of IoT systems across all types of use cases in a real-time environment.
  • Our experts combine extensive digital QA and test automation capabilities to evaluate functionality and performance
  • We utilize device simulators and Cloud test automation framework to address the heterogeneity of devices and protocols
  • Test and monitor IoT applications with AI/ML integrated automation tools
  • Our end-to-end penetration testing of the complete IoT ecosystem remediate flaws and vulnerabilities ensuring security and compliance

IoT Managed Services

  • Our experts assist your business in managing and maintaining services across the entire IoT stack via smart asset management solutions.
  • Reliable asset monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance and AI based solutions.