Healthcare has vastly changed and is no longer the traditional industry that it once was.

There is a remarkable shift towards a patient-centric model where all other constituents of the ecosystem work symbiotically to drive improved outcomes for the patient. The emergence of disruptive technologies like AI, ML, AR and VR have made accurate, precise and customized personal care possible resulting in overall improved healthcare outcomes.

Synfosys brings together the unique combination of healthcare dynamics and technical expertise to streamline and automate the processes & workflows for delivery of quality care, while increasing operational efficiency. Our solutions address the clinical needs along with the business objectives and ensure adherence to HIPAA compliance.

Our Capabilities

Digitization of Healthcare

Our end-to-end expertise across provider, payer, and public health landscape helps healthcare enterprises adopt complex digital initiatives and optimize internal processes to deliver more personalized, future-ready care.

  • Modernize legacy health systems with advanced technologies like AI/ML, data analytics to enhance patient engagement and strengthen clinical outcomes.
  • Incorporation of data analytics to analyze the patient information for better diagnosis
  • Remote monitoring of patient’s health with IoT enabled devices improves patient experience and physician’s care
  • Cloud computing allows healthcare providers to gain easy access to the patient data and give timely prescriptions and treatment protocols

Enhancing Consumer Experience

We assist healthcare providers to keep the consumer at the forefront through personalized technologies with our services/solutions.

  • Chabots offer virtual care, personalized & accurate responses to the patients
  • Smarter billing systems and automation of discharge process enhance the patient experience
  • Patients get easy access to their health records and necessary updates for daily management of their diseases from customized portals

Mobility in Healthcare

With our Mobility services/solutions, we help both healthcare providers and patients by facilitating secure and efficient exchange of clinical data, while complying with industry regulations such as HIPAA

  • Assist physicians to make timely critical care decisions by providing access to personal health information (PHI)
  • Streamline operational workflows and enhance clinical collaboration
  • Improve the reach and accessibility of critical and expensive clinical systems to patients
  • Patient’s medical record retrieval becomes hassle free with the use of handheld devices

Our Solutions