Security/Cyber Security

At Synfosys, we understand security challenges are different for every business in every industry.

Whether you are taking the Cloud-first approach, On-Premises, or a hybrid model, our next-generation end-to-end security solutions incorporate the much-needed holistic approach, right from detection to protection, prevention and remediation. We mitigate risks with advanced threat detections techniques powered by AI/ML.

As your strategic partner we blend business acumen with cyber security expertise to address real-time, real-world business problems for governance, risk & compliance.

Synfosys Expertise

Applied Cyber Security: Our proven solutions and technology-forward tools enhance your security

Cloud & Infrastructure Security:

Data and Cyber Defense: Helping clients achieve a resilient cyber defense position

  • Attack and Readiness operations: Perform Vulnerability Assessments, Network & Website Audits, and Application Security Penetration Testing using advanced Static Application Security Testing (SAST)/Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools in order to provide threat insights. Run Security Compliance Audits for compliance requirements such as GDPR, PCI, ISO, HIPAA, etc.
    Audit and prepare your business to be shielded from even the most advanced threats and reduce your exposure to adversaries targeting applications, hardware (OT/IoT) and enterprise assets.
  • Resilience operations: Integrate emerging technologies and determine the best-fit cyber threat operations center model so you can have the confidence of your business growth being safe and secure.
  • Application Security: Protect and monitor applications through data security and privacy, API security, enterprise application security and secure application development.
  • Cyber Forensics & Response: Detect, respond and recover from threats and breaches that could impact your business operations
  • Threat Intelligence: Improve security for the long-term by adopting to threats as they evolve

Managed Security Services: Focus on your business, leaving the responsibility of your enterprise security in our capable hands.

We help Organizations in protecting information assets and sensitive data by leveraging the advanced technologies & tools and machine learning algorithms.

  • Firewall - Security experts handle the configuration, management and monitoring of your firewall devices, round the clock, while safeguarding the integrity and privacy of information
  • Advanced Threat Protection - Safeguard the organizational networks from malicious traffic, addressing the zero-day threats with Advanced Threat protection, powered by AI/ML technologies
  • Patch Management - Ensure your applications, Operating systems, and technologies are up to date, compliant and secure
  • Email Security - Defend your users from email threat vector by preventing spam, phishing, and email threats
  • Endpoint Security - We blend security controls and technologies like Antivirus, Antispam, host-based Intrusion Detection & Prevention systems, data driven & advanced analytics approach in Endpoint Security to stop the advanced threats targeting the endpoints
  • Data Loss Prevention - Our Data Loss Prevention protects the sensitive data across on-premise and cloud infrastructure, while meeting compliance standards like GDPR, PCI,HIPAA



The IT environment in organizations is volatile and cybersecurity measures need to keep pace to deal with threats and vulnerabilities encountered on a routine basis. At Synfosys, we build empowered solutions that are capable of countering volatility by providing information security against zero-day attacks.


Certainty is just an illusion in the cyber world as it is hard to know the systems on infrastructure. Understanding the state of assets is equally difficult, with the ever-growing list of technologies, tools, and services being deployed. Our advisory services enable the clients to make informed decisions despite the business uncertainties.


The current business scenario is challenging because every device, application, and service deployed brings new complexities for it. With this comes the challenge of striking the balance between functionality and complexity. Adoption of cyber security defence mechanisms brings its own significant complexities but we deal with them effectively.


Ambiguity is perhaps the biggest bane for the IT security team in any organization. There are questions that come from all directions and the answers are hard to find. What to do with the endless log data? How to find and handle the real threat? Our cyber defence services are meant to address this challenge with innovative tools and ideas.