• Unleash the power of the Cloud

Cloud Computing

We take you from an ‘As-is’ state to a ‘To-be’ state – an accelerated future ready state.

Synfosys leverages the potential of the ever-changing multifaceted hyper-scalability of cloud computing to accelerate your cloud transformation journey. Our services and solutions take full advantage of the elasticity, and reliance of the cloud complemented with AIOps. We ensure low risk while maintaining scalability, resiliency and availability.

We keep your business needs in the forefront, thus, bringing significant value to your business future readiness with zero disruption.

Our Cloud solutions offer new insight with data, advanced analytics, AI, and unlock its value with applied intelligence.

Big Data

Unsurpisingly, a huge collection of data comes with storage limitations for many companies. As a result, they are choosing to store their data in the cloud. The aim of companies is to analyze and archive as much information as possible, to identify and explore future trends.

Our team of experts analyzes your Data storage needs and will assess the model and types of cloud-based solutions that best fit your needs. You will no longer be at the mercy of poor backups and loss of crucial data. We develope diverse cloud-based, automated solutions for businesses of varying sizes and across industry verticals. We focus on performance, reliability, and security of our cloud hosting services.

Cloud Hosting and Scalability

Cloud hosting is the innovative hosting solution which uses a network of physical and virtual cloud servers for maintaining data and applications. As it can be rendered as per need basis, cloud hosting serves affordability, flexibility, scalability, and reliability in one.

At Synfosys we are reliable cloud hosting partners as we support client data centers through a global network of hosting providers. We serve as a full cloud partner for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Disruptive Technology

An innovation that improves a product or service in unexpected ways. Cloud computing is often referred to as a disruptive technology because it has the potential to completely change the way IT services are procured, deployed and maintained. Our team will work with disruptive technology and create seamless integrateable solutions ensuring your business continues undisrupted.