There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. --Charles F. Kettering


The telecommunications industry is facing a state of flux due to rapidly evolving technologies, increase in demand, global diversity of its customer base, demand for new products and services at lower prices and the merging of various industries like cable and satellite with traditional telecommunications. At the same time, regulation requires telecommunication companies to adapt their operations and exploit windows of opportunities.

Our Offerings

SynfoSys has offered various technology and domain specific solutions to telecommunications industry players over the years, spanning from telecom operators, equipment providers, software providers, content providers as well as allied service providers. In partnership with many telecommunication customers around the world, SynfoSys has developed solutions that allow companies to increase service quality, align resources to business opportunities and improve operational performance.

At SynfoSys, we have professionals dedicated to build smarter communications industry. To deepen our communications offerings, we invested significantly in this area and many service providers have implemented SynfoSys' solutions to:

  • Deliver smarter services that generate new sources of revenue
  • Transform operations to achieve business and service excellence
  • Build smarter networks