There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. --Charles F. Kettering


The success of the retail industry majorly depends on the marketing strategies to attract and cater to a wide range of consumers. Retailers are constrained in growing or maintaining the profits due to increased operating expenses, introduction of new competitors in the market, saturation of the market and the tendency of the people to try out with new ones.

A highly competitive and dynamic environments of retail industry needs to be aligned with enhanced technology and strategic approach. In order to sustain and ensure future success, in addition to luring with new features, accessibility of the products is important. Online shopping is one of the fast and popular ways for reaching out wide range of consumers. The retailers are facing rising expectations to make their portals attractive with adequate and appropriate information about the products.

For the retailers who are aiming for customer satisfaction, profitability and success, SynfoSys offers best in class solutions to establish their market to meet the end-to-end business needs. Competent with extensive industry, technology and delivery capabilities, we work with you to provide solutions and services that address operational challenges, optimize business performance, increase ROI and decrease the time-to-value of your business.


  • Increasing Challenges in acquiring and retaining the customers
  • Changing customer demands and shortened product lifecycle
  • Demand for higher value products for lower costs and with a complex supply chain
  • Increasing competition with more store formats available in the market
  • A proper forecast of the products' demand to provide optimized inventory and right category mix
  • Enhanced data knowledge and analysis to the customers about various products and market statistics

Our Solutions

  • We are proactive about providing retail companies a transformation for their business process and supply chain systems with solutions like Next Generation Commerce
  • Comprehensive tools supporting the eCommerce, with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) as a platform to create websites and (cloud) hosting
  • With highly skilled development team and expertise in developing various eCommerce applications and services, the customer can rest assured of the end product
  • Be it Advisory service, Technology service or the Business Process Service, we offer a Comprehensive suite of services and solutions to the retailers including customized algorithms for roster maintenance to obtain best-fit

  • Some of the factors which are considered while designing an online shopping store-
    • Provide the customer with detailed information about the products so that he can pick/ choose the best product
    • A 3D model of the product along with snapshots to help the users to determine his purchasing
    • With proper tracking of the buyers' habits and based on the information retrieved, provide customized products list for various customers
    • Give specialized search engine options and product recommendations based on the customer preferences
  • Business Process Services: We offer different customized solutions for the business process in the retail market to transform the businesses, and outperform in the competition. Customer Management, Marketing, Reporting and Analysis of the product and its market value are well planned to provide improved customer experience.

Case Studies

  • eCommerce Portal (SHA Matrix)

    A powerful eCommerce portal with affordable electronics, talented consultants, highly optimized and User friendly website designed to make your life easier with technology. The application has got parsers, crawlers, plug-in enabled payment gateways, outbound calls, discussion boards, emails, reviews, feedbacks, forums etc.

    The Challenges
    • Hundreds of Online shopping portals
    • Consistency in the market with many competitors for each product
    • Organizing the Multiple features in a customizable format
    • One stop Computer / Electronic super store with over one million affordably priced products
    • Highly talented quality consultants/resources to assist you 24x7
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) options as a platform for cloud hosting
  • Affiliate Marketing Website

    A complete, automated website for affiliate marketing prospects. To make a fast entry into the market, with minimal upfront costs and a pure ROI based marketing campaign. The website is user friendly, admin friendly with rich templates, customizable skins, by and large automated admin panel.

    The Challenges
    • Low Cost Network and a respected network to work with
    • Feature rich website which can be customized based on user
    • Making a parallax Free website
    • Gain Bonus Budget in the initial periods
    • To open a dedicated forum on well-known review sites

    SynfoSys team has identified the key areas and approach for the affiliate marketing program. The phase wise approach has been adopted for the development of this website. The phases include, researching and identifying the niche market, registering the domain, building the website & integration components, registering with online advertising channels and launching the site.

    • Unlimited stores with one license
    • Multiple income sources
    • Cost effective one-time payment
    • Advanced SEO settings
    • Fully customizable templates
    • Third party Integration
    • Ajax enabled shopping cart
    • Built-in order tracking
    • Search auto-suggest
    • Price monitoring & alerts
  • Online Ticketing System

    Internet-based ticketing system to one of our partners. It is a role-based application with Administrator, Seller, Reseller and end users (both registered and unregistered) roles.

    The "Administrator" has the flexibility to Add / Edit Sellers, Venues, Events and Promoters. The "Admin" can select an event and view orders for that, export tickets sold by category, print out the tickets that are to be shipped to customers. A "Seller" adds promoters, vary the total tickets available for an event, and view orders for each of his events and the "Reseller" user has almost the same flexibility an "Admin" user has but limited to events he is associated.

    The Challenges
    • Easy way for the sellers/resellers to announce the events
    • Organizing and selling tickets online with ease
    • Promoting the events in effective way to reach the audiences
    • Role Based Application with rich user interface
    • Modular approach implementation
    • Effective usage of Web services
    • Highly secured and Effective usage of a secured payment gateway
    • Implementation of complex style sheets to provide the flexibility for accessing the pages from the reseller website
  • OneSource Talent

    Online consulting services for aspiring, professional models and actors to be better prepared to handle the daily challenges. Interactive and well defined features will help the models and actors in knowing about the financial rewards of the modelling industry and professional growth. Opportunity to be discovered through unique events offering 'meet and greets' where members have exclusive opportunities to meet industry professionals at their local office. The goal of One Source Talent is to create cost-effective, working relationships between talent and clients via its interactive network.

    • The site provides a platform to access over a thousand castings a week from around the country
    • Well managed database with detailed characteristics of the aspirants
    • An interface to present the Call Centre Executives with one leads at a time feature
    • Control and organize the calls in the most efficient manner
    • Admin functionality for managing groups, managing roles, assigning leads & groups and generate reports