"An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness." -- Elbert Hubbard

Research and Development

SynfoSys, a global technology leader in software product development has a rich heritage of developing new products for global customers in diverse industries and domains while lowering operational costs. Our expertise stretches across the entire lifecycle of new product development, which stems from our R&D of over 20 years.

At SynfoSys, we treat R&D as an integrated innovation system rather than as a functional vertical.

Our R&D aims to:

  • leverage cutting-edge R&D practices to deliver a stream of sustainable, innovative, value-added solutions,
  • develop options for future business growth,
  • maintain technology networks in our key, shared products and processes to ensure best-practice sharing, excellent knowledge and talent management

Rapid changes in technology make it imperative for IT companies to keep pace with the latest developments worldwide, and to develop new applications with the aim of enabling clients to improve their business. At SynfoSys, finding newer and better ways of delivering value to our customers is a way of life.

Synfosians work proactively on various state-of-the-art technologies to remain current with technological developments and offer innovative solutions and services with enriched capabilities. Our expert groups develop and enhance the open source products and services with contemporary skills.

A key reason behind our successful product development has been our vision and approach on methods and processes that have been distilled through years of experience across various domains. Our understanding of the dynamics of the new product development process, enables us to evolve complete products from unstructured specifications. We understand the complexity (intricacies) and special needs of product development, such as: availability, maintainability, scalability, Internationalization/localization, ease of use, ease of installation. Our collective experience in the new product development mitigates risk, improves quality, achieves the desired cost benefit and meets the overall product roadmap goals for new product development initiatives. Leveraging the experience and expertise, we are able to give you the desired focus, discipline and commitment for driving the product to new levels of performance and functionality.

  • Throw ideas at it. Invent. Get feedback
  • Build something. Break it quickly. Make it better
  • Decide on the product - plan, organize and bring it to life
  • Build some, test them hard and thoroughly
  • Push to production. Support as required