"a problem well put is half solved." -- John Dewey

Project Management


SynfoSys offers a complete end-to-end project management services in delivering quality and transparent IT projects. Leveraging nearly two decades of experience as one of the leading cutting-edge technological solutions provider, SynfoSys offers the experience to ensure your project a success.

SynfoSys believes in transparency and visibility through the process, discipline and leadership in the engagement and execution of any project to ensure initiatives are completed within budget, scope, and schedule.

Since no two businesses are same, SynfoSys adopts to the most suitable approach that works in the best interest of the client. Given the choice, SynfoSys recommends Agile methodology that often works well for projects in complex, fast-moving environments, by collaborating and sharing knowledge & experience among the Team, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Stakeholders in every step forward to ensure specific needs of the project are met.


Backed by the years of R&D, SynfoSys has successfully developed the most effective tried and tested Project Management software with the impetus on metrics and transparency, which are the key aspects of project management. It is our aim to deliver projects that are transparent, completed on-time, within budget and focused on quality with highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Project managers at SynfoSys are learnt and highly effective with project methodologies; priority is to make the project management process as stress free as possible and our project managers are there to offer you support and guidance throughout.

You can begin a project with SynfoSys from initiation to completion. Or if your project is missing milestones or is lacking momentum, connect with us and we will deploy project management consultants to get your project back on track.

As a business, SynfoSys is committed to provide the highest levels of service to its customers and each and every project undertaken is unique with a dedicated team involved in every step providing continuity and peace of mind to customers.

SynfoSys’ power tools Insight and Jiffy empowers you with the effective project management while the impetus is on the metrics. Key functions include defining, tracking and monitoring projects and resources - detects and track deviations in schedule; track and evaluate resource and project performance at micro level with excellent reports and analytics.


Team and processes of every organization is unique to itself. Keeping in view of disparate organizational sizes and parameters, SynfoSys has built this flexible and agile project management tool called Insight. It’s simple, flexible to fit any organizational requirement and easy to use, accessible from anywhere on any device.


Insight is an MVC based agile project management tool with an intuitive and self-explanatory user interface which helps in managing and tracking projects and resources with metrics as a key factor. The functions include creating, organizing, assigning, evaluating, tracking and reporting: a) tasks, b) resources and their activities, c) modules and d) projects. Assists in increasing business efficiencies, operations, individual and group accountability by maintaining and tracking at micro level activities; having various levels in administration for an effective access control over the system.

Best suited for typical software projects. However, it is flexible enough to be used for any organization/department/project/requirement.

Benefits / Features
  • Gives an overall state of the system at a glance; records and track the details at the micro level that includes tasks, statuses, observations and analytics of project and resources; with an aim to track state and health of the operations in order to support proactive Project management on the go
  • Ease of use: besides its simple intuitive interface, it has features like drag-and-drop for creating or assigning tasks/backlogs, share with other team members and to the reporting ones
  • Efficient Project tracking: irrespective of the methodology whether it is traditional waterfall or dynamic iterative model, system supports flexibility in defining Iterations/phases
  • Supports multiple projects, and facilitate the comparison among the products / projects
  • Provides detailed and clear perspectives of the status in terms of resources, time frames, efforts, attendance etc.

Insight as a product gives a comprehensive approach to deal with the management of projects and resources in an organization in its own style.


SynfoSys has done an extensive study to learn the scope of 'Tasking and monitoring the resources' component of Project Management. To aid Project Managers in managing the tasks and resources effectively and efficiently, SynfoSys has developed this tool to track performance management. Jiffy allows Project Managers to organize the work with ease by managing the resources efficiently, which is crucial.


Management of tasks life-cycle is made easier than ever before with Jiffy. Jiffy comes with reliability and efficiency by delivering projects on time by effectively creating, assigning, prioritizing and tracking the tasks with few mouse clicks. It enables teams to collaborate and get things done successfully at one place. Jiffy is a comprehensive project management application to an organization to track every event, by making the process transparent and simpler.

Best suited for administrative, HR and other departments of an organization where the project/assignments are independent in nature. However, it is flexible enough to be used for any organization/department/project/requirement.

Benefits / Features
  • Effective tracking of the task throughout the SDLC phase
  • Emailing, discussions, file sharing and track projects' progress and issues are all managed by single dashboard feature with Jiffy
  • Technical work and communication go hand-in-hand. Every bit of communication or decisions taken during the discussion should be considered while actually tasking or monitoring the tasks. The feature 'Emailing and discussion between the resources' is integrated with task assignments, which helps in keeping an eye on the decisions taken while tasking
  • Every phase is logged in the history for review

Goal is to improve productivity, collaboration, communication and management of teams and tasks effectively.