"a problem well put is half solved." -- John Dewey

Mobile Solutions

Mobility to connect with your employees, customers and vendors anytime, anywhere. Mobile based Technologies are evolving an exceptionally fast pace. We must have ready-made/ prefabricated technologies which can be implemented on demand with minimum customization efforts. Such applications will gain the time-to-market advantage and cost cuttings while implementation.

Our expertise covers all major mobile platforms including Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry, HTML5 and associated server technologies, with scale and scope.

  • NextGen Communication App

    This is powerful and advanced communication app dedicated in making communication experience more realistic and expressive in a digital world. The app is to express feelings in a more meaningful and intuitive way with others in the form of 'actions' with icons and animations in a creative way. Users can also chat, call and share experiences with others in a seamless fashion. In a nutshell, it is an excellent platform for all communication requirements.

  • Calendar Application

    This is a one touch mobile call conferencing application. The app syncs with the phone's calendar and auto-detects the conference call details within the meeting invites and lets you connect to the conferencing with a one touch - "Joining meetings has never been this way". It integrates with the mobile phone's calendar, dialer, email, text messaging, and contacts to provide seamless, one-touch access into any voice conference call. With One-Touch into voice conferences and online meetings such as GoToMeeting, Google+ Hangouts, WebEx, Apple FaceTime, and Skype audio, joining meetings on the go has never been easier via phone or a VoIP dialer.

  • PIM Solution

    This is a cloud based platform that provides real-time synchronization of personal information such as contacts, emails, calendar events and other personal data from different mission-critical applications and mobile devices. It keeps all applications and mobile devices in sync, ensuring the access to the data anytime, anywhere.

    This is a digital locker that wirelessly syncs rich media (pictures, video and music), files and PIM data (e.g. contacts and calendar) across smartphones, tablets, PCs and connected devices.

    Secures user data and media in the cloud where everything can be backed up. It enables data and media to be easily shared with a wide range of systems, including social networks, email systems and media sites.

  • Mobile Backup and Security Solutions

    A Mobile Security and Backup solution that ensures data security, malware protection, anti-phishing and device protection from data loss. User data can be secured by syncing data to remote servers. This data can be managed from a portal which in turn allows the user to manage other options like settings and device protection (includes locating the device locking from the portal and we can even erase the data from the portal).