There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. --Charles F. Kettering


The industry today, in a reviving (rejuvenation) economic conditions, is pushing for more timely, accurate and relevant information, as well as flexible products. To adapt this, insurers are revamping fundamental business processes and creating improved customer / producer experience.

Challenges, the industry face

  • Increased need to streamline underwriting and claims management for improved costs and operational efficiencies
  • Need for a more responsive / agile IT to meet business needs and requirements
  • Constant need for innovation to retain market position

Our Solutions

The insurance service offerings are simple, efficient and yet capable of sophisticated functionality. Our service offerings are backed by the entire insurance value chain, reducing the cycle times.

Working closely with insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries we have gained industry-leading strengths in consulting and technology in the insurance domain. Our focus has been on an effective reach of the next generation commerce, enhancing the customer experience.

Conceptual frameworks, process models are assets of our services which provide end-to-end solutions for the following:

Claims Administration - Increasing claims processing efficiency is a key imperative factor. The paperwork (paper dependency) involved with this process and the increasing number of claims can be handled with a combination of content management, information management in an automated process.

Billing / Receivables - A system to perform billing calculations, premium amount reminders generation with an interface to function for both individuals and group customers.

Policy Administration - Comprehensive system for accumulation, fund balance reports, transaction processing, policy services, tax reporting is developed.