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Our expertise in delivering technological solutions for the Manufacturing industry empowers us to foresee and comprehend the challenges that are changing the Manufacturing industry landscape. In the present day, economic environment, the need for an efficient supply chain network to address the market challenges is driving manufacturing enterprises to adopt high performance manufacturing solutions.

Case Studies

  • NuFIRE

    NuFIRE is a complete, self-contained, fully functional 200 Watt fiber laser for the manufacturing industry. Created in response to the needs expressed by real-world laser users, the NuFIRE laser was designed for high precision, high performance, maximum working efficiency, extreme reliability, cost-efficiency and minimal complexity.

    It offers unparalleled ease of use to enable experts and non-engineers alike, and the flexibility to handle virtually any application in the 200 W regimes.

    The NuFIRE family lasers are continuous wave (CW) fiber lasers that can also be modulated up to a frequency of 10 kHz. Various models offer near-diffraction-limited laser output powers ranging from 10 to 50 W. The lasers operating at 1064 nm are suitable for processing a wide range of materials. The compact, air cooled laser operating with an industry standard 24VDC power supply and DB25 and/or RS232 control interfaces offer high degree of flexibility for OEM integration. In addition, the NuFIRE lasers are pumped by single emitter diode lasers which offer long lifetime and maintenance free operation.

    Typical Applications
    • Components Testing, Laser
    • Demonstration Laser
    • Eye Safe Laser
    • Fine cutting
    • High Power Lasers & Amplifiers
    • Laser sources
    • Micromachining
    • Micro welding
    Solution & Benefits
    • Near-diffraction-limited beam quality - Ultra-fine, crisp marks
    • Visible pilot laser
    • Complete laser with DB25 and RS232 interface - Highly flexible for OEM integration
    • Single emitter pump diodes - Long lifetime and maintenance free operation