There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. --Charles F. Kettering


The healthcare industry is one of the world's substantial and accelerating industry. The need of automated systems has increased in this sector; but traditional systems are ineffective and could not cope up with various activities.

Why SynfoSys?

At SynfoSys, we have laid emphasis on this increased demand of automated systems. We offer products and portfolio of solutions/services that get allied for the healthcare sector. Without abating 'quality by providing the healthcare', we provide highly adaptable solutions to meet the business objectives. We do not let you see the transformation hassles to automated systems.

  • Evaluate business intelligence systems and processes specifically tailored for the healthcare industry
  • Compliance with ever-changing internal rules, industry standards, and regulations
  • Manage an ever-growing number of computers and special medical devices
  • Custom solutions that support dynamic clinical and business needs
  • Manage the vast amount of data that the practice of medicine generates

Case Studies

  • EzDischarge

    • Enormous consumption of labor cost and time
    • Physician's physical presence to discharge the patient
    • Difficult to identify disease-specific deliverables and preventive care needs
    • Difficult to identify drug-to-drug reactions
    • Inconsistent approach for drug prescription with health care plan formularies
    • Lack of resources to identify medication warnings
    • A strenuous situation for physicians

    The EzDischarge On-line Patient Discharge System is a HIPAA aware web-based application with Physician Centric approach, to easily discharge the patients. The access to the system is role based. There are fixed features defined for each role. The Physician can log in to the system from anywhere, and manage his/her patient's discharge, prescribe drugs & dosage, specify special care/discharge instructions, further consultations, and generate Reports. These reports could be sent to the required Medical and Insurance Companies. The System also helps the Physician in identifying the true disease nomenclature for drug prescription.

    • Online access of patient information in a secure environment
    • Eliminates excessive paper work, reduces cost, and increases hospital throughput
    • Significantly reduces the amount of avoidable days due to clerical delays and losses due to reimbursement denials
    • Help physicians ascertain formulary-driven drug interchanges
    • Check drug allergies, and drug-to-drug interaction prior to generating prescriptions
    • Timely discharge of patients in effort to avoid overstay at hospitals
    • Disease and health awareness event information for patients
  • GapIT

    GapIT is a customized version of EzDischarge that has been developed for our valued client located in Michigan.

    • Need to carry patient discharge information to various locations
    • Increase in insurance disputes regarding discharge and reimbursement denials
    • Hard to maintain registers and prepare documents
    • Over-hospitalization and readmission of patients for failure to meet disease-specific deliverables
    • Increase in patient billing and disputes
    • Loss of credibility of physicians and hospitals
    • Decrease in physician and hospital throughput
    • Prevent prescribing of incorrect medications
    • Reduce hospital expenses for patients and insurance providers
    • Increased focus on patient information, safety and preventive health care services
    • Discharge information to Medical Record Department (MRD) and referring physicians
    • Prompts for disease-specific deliverables (i.e., hemoglobin A1C targets in diabetics, vaccine administration)
    • Disease and health awareness event information for patients
    • Online record of patient discharge information
    • Increase in physicians' reliability
  • Clinical Solutions - Mobility

    At SynfoSys, we offer customized electronic source documents running on tablets - an Electronic Source Record. Capturing source data on paper is costly and error-prone, but it remains prevalent because of familiarity and lack of viable alternatives. Our eSource solution maintains the workflow and mobility of paper while allowing fast, secure transmission of source documents and data.

    • Eliminating Source Document Verification (SDV)
    • Remote document review
    • Reducing monitor site visits
    • Validating source data to be entered on protocol specific document
    • Recording comments and explanations
    • Eliminates the need for source data verification
    • Reduces frequency of monitoring visits
    • Allows remote viewing of source documents
    • Offers real-time data capture
    • Reduces protocol violations
    • Provides consistency of source documentation across all sites
    • Maintains the familiar look and feel of paper
    • Provides mobile data capture, regardless of connectivity
    • Allows more subjects to be processed per day
    • Provides automatic calculations for data points such as BMI
    • Eliminates the majority of the data entry errors/discrepancies
    • Reduces invalid enrollment of participants
    • Offers secure, accessible storage of source
  • Trial Tracking System (TTS)

    The scope of the project includes development of a windows based application for one of our prospective clients to administer the clinical trials/protocols. The functionality of the application is to track the industrial trials. Further, trial tracking system includes - creating and planning the trial, mapping locations, members, sites, investigators etc. with the trial. Each trial may require some unique attributes and requirements that the system is capable of handling.


    Our client includes a network of 3,000 professionals located in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Puerto Rico. Tracking the samples/trials where the research is -

    • Conducting large-scale research at various sites
    • Randomized clinical trials distributed across the investigators
    • Involves role based access to the samples
    • Once Principal Investigator completes the form with all the details, he cannot directly send it to the FDA (Food and Drug Administrator); he need to send that form to the sponsors (NSABP). The sponsor will incorporate this information with all other technical data into an IND (Investigational New Drug Application) and they will send it to the FDA. Once the Approval has come from FDA, these sponsors will inform the Investigator to start the Clinical trial
    • As the Investigators submit their 1572 form to sponsors they need to keep track of all the data of the Investigators (i.e. Principal-Investigator, Sub- Investigator) mentioned in 1572 Form. For that they need an application to keep track of all the data and hence the TTS (Trial Tracking System) has been developed.
    • The Co-Investigators are also authorized by Principal-Investigator but every Co-Investigator who is participating in the trial need to sign 1572 form and this should be approved by FDA
    • For every Site Id (Hospital where Principal-Investigator is conducting the trial) there will be only One Principal- Investigator, under this there may be 'N' (N=1, 2, 3, 4......) number of Co-Investigators
    • In the same way each Co-Investigator will have 'N' (N=1, 2, 3, 4......) number of Sub- Investigators
  • Tissue Bank Proposal Manager (TBPM)

    TBPM is a proposal tracking online workflow application. The purpose of this project is to automate and develop an online solution to review proposals submitted by outside investigators to get access to the Tissue Bank Data. It will have the ability to track the status of the proposal at any level and will alert the respective users of any actionable items. The system supports a role based access and every user will be able to see the list of tasks to be performed by him/her on their home page. The system allows reviews and files to be uploaded and maintains the version of the same.

    • A web based application with a role based logins
    • The Workflow for the proposals are easy to handle
    • Email system to alert respective users when the system is updated
  • Molecular Profiling Repository (MPR)

    It is a workflow application used to track the slides (samples received) from the site people. An investigator or DIT team who conducts the research updates the system with their results and the results are updated to the Site people.

    • A web based application with a role based logins
    • Teh Workflow for the proposals are easy to handle
    • Email system to alert respective users when the system is updated